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Welcome to Timberlakes Health Care Services


Timberlakes Health Care Services owns and operates the traditional geriatric health care and the original physical therapy for our global customers in our historic health ranch that total areas reach to 160 acres. Living in our health ranch is very different from living in a city or town. The forest and lakes environment is breathtakingly beautiful, the air is clean, the temperature is cooler and the setting is serene.


Timberlakes Health Care Services plus a unique Entironment of the historic health ranch, this is a different health world. Timberlakes Health Care Services is a great innovation in the world health care fields. Timberlakes provides the traditional geriatric health care and the original physical therapy that means quality care. Timberlakes Health Care Services always think a ture health comes from an original nature.  

Our location is a short distance west of Springfield City, MO, USA. There are approximately five miles of paved road and an excess of 25 miles of 44 Highway or 30 miles of Route US 66 (Intersection of 1207 LC Drive and 2030 LC Drive£¬2883 Lawrence 1207 Everton Missouri 65646 USA).


With a mission of ¡°Return to Nature, Make Things for Your Health¡± Timberlakes Health Services is well known for quality care and a unique entiroment of the historic health ranch. Love Nature, Love Health, Love Life, Love Timberlakes are our principle. Serving, Integrity, Teamwork, and Excellence are our core values. It¡¯s the Timberlakes Health Care Services Way.